Floating Animations and the Levitate controls

Some animations are made to be away from the ground, but it’s hard to get them to look right. A way to be able to get them is to use a savestate with a greenscreen where the whole level is water, as done by fellow machinimist Hammycheez.

Another easier way is to use the Levitate controls in M64MM’s Extra Controls. These will allow you to put an animation at a height higher than the ground.



Some animations will be VERY bouncy at high levitation levels. Be careful!


If you are in C-UP mode, you have to get out of C-UP mode first before you can see the changes in levitation.


Some animations don’t rise when using the levitation! Examples of these animations are animations like “Flying (Wing Cap)”


Mario 64 Movie Maker 3’s METAL Composer fixes some of the issues with certain animations stuck in the ground.